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Grün Uluwatu

Program: Hospitality
Design Team: Alexis Dornier, Agnetha Goetz & Reza Pradika
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Year: 2019
Status: Under construction
Size: 2.5 ha
Grün Uluwatu by Stilt Studios offers a unique living space in the natural environment of the surrounding hills in Uluwatu, Bali.

The half-forest half-prairie is left intact with the structure, fitting in naturally. This results in stunning panoramic views of the raw vegetations that surround the site. The prime spot of several studios allow you to enjoy Uluwatu’s signature ocean view.

Grün Uluwatu allows for both short term and long term rentals, where it features a co-working space, permaculture garden, spa, restaurant, common area, sport facilities and family-friendly amenities.