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GRCA Residence

Program: Residential
Design Team: Reza Pradika & Brendon Devela
Location: Purwakarta, Indonesia
Year: 2021
Status: Completed
Size: 277 sqm
The house sits on a corner block and at a busy T-junction, from which the house is wrapped by timber grill facade as a means to shield and give privacy to the occupants. The box formal languange is brought up to differentiate the building from the rest of the houses in neighbouring area and gives modern and minimal statement. Cross ventilation plays an important role, from which opening is apparent element in the design to tackle the hot and humid of the tropics.   

The ground plane is dedicated for semi-public zone which hosts the guest living, dining & kitchen as well as guest bedroom and service area. While the first floor is occupied as private zone where the main and kids bedroom located as well as living and praying area. The rooftop living room, second kids bedroom and service area are located on the floor above it. 

The material palette is reduced to three main element of unfinished concrete, wood and black paint. When all combined, they compliment and work coherently with each other.