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North Subiaco Housing Development

Program: Residential
Design Team: Reza Pradika, Yung Un, Brendon Devela, Shin Foong & Wilson Kho
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Year: 2015
Status: Conceptual
Size: 1,620 sqm
The project brief asks us as a group and individual to challange and explore potentials of in exploring new approaches to housing and place making. It starts out as a group project which requires us to develop a masterplan for our given site and sets out as individual project which focuses on developing our own dwelling portion.

Based on our research, the overall concept sets out to highlight the essential character of the local neighbourhood, it is the Subiaco village atmosphere.

As for the dwelling concept, it focuses on having close proximity to nature to enhance the village atmosphere. It also incorporates shared spaces as well as private and intimate space.