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Infinite Chapel

Program: Religious
Design Team: Reza Pradika
Location: Passegueiro Island, Portugal
Year: 2018
Status: Conceptual
Size: 170 sqm
The Infinite Chapel Passegueiro Island is a place with cultural and historical significance where the Santo Alberto Fort and the Roman archeological remains are the noteworthy features. With this in mind the project intervention responds by taking an approach to built a structure which conveys a sense of lightness and minimality. This concept is expressed through the choice of contruction method of the chapel with simple and clean structure. The characteristic of the structure is intended to create harmony with nature and to subtly respect the existing ruins.

The chapel finds itself situated at the furthest point of the island facing the sea behind the hill to take advantage the unobstructed view of the ocean. It is located away from the existing ruins so as to not obstruct the authenticity of the island characteristic. The chapel is orientated along the West and East axis to create a seamless plane between the chapel and the sea.  

As visitors walk down the hill they are greeted by a wooden platform which guides them into the chapel. This element emphasises a process of cleansing and transition between the outer and inner world. The chapel is designed as a semi enclosed structure clad with timber planks. The bright timber cladding gives a sense of enclosure, warmth and comfort againts the moderatly windy weather on the island. With the ocean in the background, it acts as a stimuli to evoke a sense of emptiness. The combination of chapel’s attributes in turn offers a unique sensorial experience for the visitors.