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Hiriyafushi Resort

Program: Hospitality
Design Team: Alexis Dornier, Akhil Hari, Kevin Krismanto, Reza Pradika, Deandra Adellia, Aryaman Garg
Location: Hiriyafushi Island, Maldives
Year: 2021
Status: Schematic 
Size: 10 ha
Set within an integrated development in Male, The Avalon Resort development takes a minimalist yet dynamic architectural approach to celebrate the energy and natural aspect of the archipelago. The resort offers a range of choices of modern land and water villas accompanied by one-stop amenities for best convenience experience. The development will provide a welcoming space for guests to live light, unleash creativity, amplify natural feelings in a dreamy state.

The variety in architectural form is apparent throughout the island yet it is somehow all connected by the elegance use of curvature. The curvature on every design of the building helps to give a sense of soothing experience and to reflect the natural sorrounding. In addition, the variety of form provides diversity in the architectural experience itself. 

Main Restaurant

Speciality Restaurant

Sport & Recreational Centre

HQ & Admin Office